Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures

units of measure 79

Thursday Throughput: Units of Measure Edition

In describing the grandeur and scope of the universe, units intended for the human experience — meters, kilograms, liters — are simply not up to the challenge.

Jesse Singal 8

Jesse Singal, Cattle Rustler?

How do we know which version of Jesse Singal — if either — is true? Ultimately, the best solution involves careful study and analysis.

Blaseball 1

What the Hell is Blaseball Anyway?

In this most chaotic time we’ve been going through, along came Blaseball that captured that chaos and channeled it into creativity


In The Yard

There are chores to be done.

Hayek 119

Hayek II!

Hayek argued consistently on “social” being a bad adjective, making whatever word that follows the opposite of what that word means by itself

Twin Peaks 0

Sunday Morning! Twin Peaks: The Return

Like many classic myths, the epic third season of Twin Peaks seems to say, if the pain of loss never really goes away, neither does love.